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Boost the way to attract talent

Imagine being able to make all your interview calls with all your candidates at the same time.

Our chatbots interact and interview your candidates, answering their questions and letting them know how is the status of their recruitment process.

Empower the efficiency of your recruitment with our bots. 

How do our chatbots work?


Our bot will contact your candidates and interview them as soon as they apply your job offers.


According to the ideal profile the chatbot will assess and classify every single candidate giving them a scoring for your pipeline.


Access easily to your final candidates through our platform and go ahead across your recruitment process.


Our chatbot are always available 24 hours a day to answer your candidates and inform them about their status in your recruitment process.


Real-time processing


Our software provide you a pipeline with the best candidates for each position.


Our chatbots will deliver an individual performance report about candidate´s profile and skills.


Access to the key performance indicators for each hr bot factory solution. It is an easy way to make decisions.

Don't let any candidate go away!

Our chatbots work 24 x 7 the 365 days a year. hjasdhjbasjhdbasjhdbsajhbdahjsdbhjasdhjasdbhajsdbjahd

Improve your employer branding

Incorporate chatbots to your recruitment process and they will give a proper answer to all your candidates.

Increase the efficiency

Forget the old fashioned way to do selection and from now on you only will have to handle final candidates!

Speed up your hiring deadlines

Thank to Artificial Intelligence you will be able to focus on the last stage of the recruitment process letting our chatbots do the rest.

Save time and resources

Optimize the size of your teams letting them being able to provide added value instead of waste their time in routine tasks.

Manage your talent pool

Optimize your hiring deadlines accessing to final candidates.

Artificial Intelligence will improve your Employee Experience.

Exit interviews

Our chatbots will contact the employees who leave your company, keep an interview and give you back the metrics required.

Training virtual assistant

Make much more dynamic your online training programs incorporating a training virtual assistant who will help, guide and respond to your participants.

Onboarding program

Let our chatbots guide the onboarding program to your new employees, interacting with them across first days in your company.

Employee care line

How many times do you have to answer the same questions to your employees? Now with our chatbots they will answer them easier, faster and at any time of the day.

Do you want to know how much time are you going to save with our solutions?

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We believe that people make the difference in companies. We have created solutions based on Artificial Intelligence that will boost your human resources processes and will improve your employee experience.

About us:

After more than 20 years dealing with people as HRD and suffering the inefficiencies in our department we have developed the technology that always we would have wanted to optimize those processes.

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