Boost the employee experience

We offer tools based on artificial intelligence that upgrade your employer branding and employee experience raising your talent attraction thank to our innovate solutions.

Employee Care

Exit interviews

Provide your employees a confidential, aseptic and friendly channel in order to get to know the real reasons of their quitting.


Offer people who are absence for any reason the possibility to monitor their absence leave allowing them to ask everything related to the this process collecting important information about their situation.

Employee care line

Our bot will solve every question from your employees at every moment 24 hours 7 days a week 365 day a year.



Thank to our hr bots you will be able to make employee surveys of any matter in a easy and friendly manner.

Artificial Intelligence will improve your employee engagement

Make your hr processes better and easier through our chatbots empowered by artificial intelligence, taking care the internal and external talent using a fair treatment and friendly channel.